Best of the Eco Relics Blog – 2015

eco relics jacksonville, fl

2015 was the first full year of business for the Eco Relics architectural salvage company, and also the first year for the Eco Relics blog. It launched with a post from back in January about our historic 1927 warehouse in Jacksonville’s Mixon Town neighborhood. Since then, plenty of posts have come and gone down the blog roll. Here’s our top three from 2015:

Holding On to What We’ve Got

Smoke Plumes Visible in Raleigh, NC
Apocalyptic Scene from the Great Fire of 1901

The Great Fire destroyed much of Jacksonville’s downtown in 1901, but the rebuilding effort was historic. Over a century later, we’re trying to make sure that these landmark buildings, constructed at great expense using materials and techniques that are now hard to come by, survive into the future. Historic preservation is essential to keep Jacksonville’s unique heritage accessible to future generations. We’re glad to see continued progress in keeping old Jacksonville standing.

Architectural Salvage as Mob Action

stamp-riotEco Relics buys its salvage from reputable sellers, but that’s not the only way people have acquired building materials throughout history, from plunderers of Roman ruins to revolutionary levelers in the New World.

The Real McCoy

meehanssquareJohn Meehan, proprietor of Meehan’s Irish Pub and friend of Eco Relics, passed away in 2015. We were lucky to get to know John as he stopped by our warehouse often both for his home and his business. His positive attitude, charisma, and youthful enthusiasm affected everyone he met. We will miss John Meehan in 2016 and beyond.

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