eco relics jacksonville, fl

20 Apr: Antique Metal Signs Jacksonville, FL

A Very Short History of Signage Merchants and tradespeople have used signs to advertise their services for at least 5,000 years. Symbols, rather than writing, was the preferred method to communicate to potential buyers before widespread literacy. In ancient Rome, a bush of ivy and vines engraved in stone or terra cotta indicated a tavern. Besides directing thirsty patrons to…

Antique Lighting eco relics jacksonville, fl

20 Apr: Antique Lighting Jacksonville, FL

When we first started out with the concept of Eco Relics, we expected to mainly carry salvage lumber. We do have aisles and aisles of salvage building materials. Much more unexpectedly, however, is our collection of antique lighting, antique light bulbs, and other relics that have come along. We have been so surprised at the turn of events of bringing…