08 Dec: A Tribute to the Christmas Album

How deep are the roots of the ubiquitous Christmas album? Well, that depends on how deep you want to dig. Carols written in the vernacular date back to the 13th century in England but singing them was banned by an Act of Parliament in 1647. The act was rescinded by the royal restoration of the Stuarts in 1660, when King…

scoop line

30 Jun: Scoop it Up for National Ice Cream Month

In 1897, Alfred L. Cralle secured a patent for his lever-action scoop. It allowed a single hand to operate the scoop, freeing the other hand to hold the cone. Dozens of companies began manufacturing the improved scoop, including Peerless, Gilchrist, Dover, New Gem, and others.   Nearly a century later, in July 1984, Congressman Walter Dee Huddleston’s joint resolution 298…

Treasuring family heirlooms

12 May: Salvaging the Bostwick Building Jacksonville, Florida

The Bostwick building, at the corner of Ocean and Bay, is one of downtown Jacksonville, Florida’s most visible historic buildings. It was constructed in 1902, one of the first permitted structures built after the Great Fire. Sporting typical “big bank” architecture, it hosted a succession of failed banks through the boom and bust cycles of the early 20th century. A…