Live Edge Cookie Slabs

Live edge cookie slabs are as unique and individual as the trees that they were cut from. They come from an end cut of wood that keeps the natural lines of the outer edges of the tree trunk.

Tree slices, or wooden circles or nickles or cookies, or whatever you call them are perfect for DIY projects. Cookies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Eco Relics stocks a variety of wood species and each one is extremely unique with rustic colors.

Camphor Slabs

The majority of our cookie slabs are live edge, meaning they are outlined with the natural edge beneath the bark, instead of the straight edge you’d find on milled lumber pieces. Most, if not all, also have the bark still intact.

Unique Camphor Slabs.
Large selection of Cookie Slabs and other live edge lumber.
A uniquely shaped Cookie Slab.
New cookie slabs arriving.
More new cookie slabs!

What Can You Use Live Edge Cookie slabs for?

Cookie slabs are excellent material for a variety of projects. Our customers have used our cookie slabs for so many different furniture or accent pieces. What you choose to do with your cookie slab is entirely up to you. You can pair them with some of our wooden or even metal table legs to create your own furniture or leave them just as they are.

We also have a Custom Wood shop to craft anything your heart desires.

Custom live edge hi top with stools.
Live edge cookie slab table with resin pour.
Thick live edge cookie table with metal legs.

Live edge furniture is often sought after for its organic, unique beauty, and is perfect for adding that special touch to an otherwise ordinary space. Live edge slab lumber can be used to help soften the lines in a space that might otherwise be filled with the cold, straight lines.

Whether considering a new coffee table, accent or end table, or even custom stools, live edge Cookies are perfect for your new custom piece!