Eco Relics at One Spark 2015 Jacksonville, FL

Making something with your own hands is empowering for all ages. The experience teaches confidence and self-reliance. It develops imagination and sparks creativity.

The world’s greatest crowdfunding festival is back in Jacksonville again this year! One Spark will be all over Downtown Jacksonville from April 7 to April 12. Eco Relics will be there, too. Here’s the skinny on what we’ll be doing.

Annie @ One Spark 2014

#RepurposeJax (Creator Number 21879)

Making something with your own hands is empowering for all ages. The experience teaches confidence and self-reliance. It develops imagination and sparks creativity. Grasping an object of your own construction reinforces a sense of pride and self-worth. Creators are the kind of independent-minded problem solvers that find their skills in demand wherever they go. For these reasons and many more, Jacksonville needs places for curious minds to find opportunity and encouragement, to realize the power within all people to make reality from ideas.

#RepurposeJax is a project to provide the Jacksonville community with a hands-on teaching workshop at Eco Relics, an architectural salvage company located in the heart of Jacksonville. At Eco Relics, workshop users will have access to the largest collection of architectural salvage in the southeast. Building material accounts for a large portion of the contents in landfills. Working with salvage is a transformative experience that turns trash into treasure. You and your children can learn fabrication skills in our workshop while adding value to the local economy through sustainable building practices. And you can take your work home with you!

With nearly a century of building experience, the Eco Relics crew is uniquely positioned to facilitate the learning process. We are woodworkers, metal workers, artists, renovators, draftsmen, engineers, and builders of all kinds. Our knowledgeable and patient instructors are dedicated to passing along their skills and vision within our community. Why do we do it? We want you to know the satisfaction that comes from being able to say, “I built that!” It is good for you, it is good for us, and it is good for the whole community. Help us turn this idea into reality by voting for #RepurposeJax!

Other Projects

Will you need a little office space to keep things in order while attending One Spark? Eco Relics has you covered! We’ll be setting up a co-work space in Hemming Park with free wi-fi, networking opportunities, and plenty of tables and chairs for your comfort. It’s our way of saying thanks to you for making One Spark happen.

We’ll also bring Big Red, our 1937 Ford truck to the party loaded with plenty of free promotional gear for you to take home! We’ll have carpenter’s pencils and gift cards for everyone, as well as logo merchandise for sale. Also, we are bringing lots of props with us to decorate Hemming Park and other venues. Be on the lookout for Eco Relics all over One Spark this year!

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Comments (3)

I’m so happy that a business like your’s found a place in Jax. Love the store and the people that work there. Hope you’re around for a long time.

Thank you for supporting Eco Relics and spreading the word. We hope to be suppling Jax for a long time.

A little bit of “Salvage Dogs” and a little bit of “American Pickers” right here in Jacksonville. Either way, I always feel like a kid let loose in a candy store. A wonderful place for anybody with a desire to create and a little bit of imagination. While I use their materials to make antique signs, I always find other architectural materials that provide other ideas to create. EcoRelics is a real gem deserving both your inspection and your business.

The shopping experience is enhanced by the friendliness of all of those working there including the owners, Anne and Michael