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From that old tattered sofa, to those vintage candelabra's, to those architectural salvage moldings and rough hewn timbers, every relic has a story to tell. It's that history behind those unique items that connects us to our past in a very tangible way.
Eco Relics Jacksonville, FL

20 Apr: Eco Relics Gives Back – Waste Not Want Not Food Rescue

On March 6th, Eco Relics hosted  a fundraising event to benefit Waste Not Want Not and their mission to fight hunger and poverty by rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste. We raised enough money to collect and distribute over 9,000 lbs. of food! The nonprofit Berry Good Farms food truck was also in the house. Here’s a song from their set:…

eco relics jacksonville, fl

20 Apr: Antique Metal Signs Jacksonville, FL

A Very Short History of Signage Merchants and tradespeople have used signs to advertise their services for at least 5,000 years. Symbols, rather than writing, was the preferred method to communicate to potential buyers before widespread literacy. In ancient Rome, a bush of ivy and vines engraved in stone or terra cotta indicated a tavern. Besides directing thirsty patrons to…

Antique Lighting eco relics jacksonville, fl

20 Apr: Antique Lighting Jacksonville, FL

When we first started out with the concept of Eco Relics, we expected to mainly carry salvage lumber. We do have aisles and aisles of salvage building materials. Much more unexpectedly, however, is our collection of antique lighting, antique light bulbs, and other relics that have come along. We have been so surprised at the turn of events of bringing…

eco relics jacksonville, fl

20 Apr: Woodworking Projects with Reclaimed or Salvaged Lumber Jacksonville, FL

Woodworking with reclaimed and salvaged lumber is a great way to lend some authentic Americana to a DIY project. “Weathered” is not a look that is easily faked. When done wrong, it just looks terrible. On the other hand, genuine patina not only adds aesthetic value to a piece, it can also provide a protective covering to material that might otherwise…