Eco Relics Photo Gallery

Custom Woodwork Gallery

Custom Woodwork is our specialty at the Eco Relics Wood Shop. Our creative team of craftsmen can build virtually anything you want from our huge selection of architectural salvage, antiques and relics, as well as reclaimed lumber and live edge slabs.

We’re always looking for opportunities to reclaim and salvage building materials that would otherwise be sent to dumpsters and trucked to landfills.

Since repurposing and upcycling salvaged materials have become a growing trend, building Custom Creations at our own Wood Shop was a no-brainer! This gallery is only a sampling of some of the custom creations that have come out of our shop.

We can custom build your furnishings for your next project, for any size home or office space and have built custom creations for retail shops, local craft breweries, and even large commercial projects. Materials used can be totally up to you or you can leave it up to our craftsmen’s imagination.

We can use just about anything to create your piece, from salvaged live edge slabs, old reclaimed barnwood, antiques, vintage restored tools, cool old reclaimed or salvaged metalwork, or just about anything you can find in the warehouse.

We hope you enjoy viewing this gallery as much as we did capturing it!

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Vintage, Antique and Cool Relics Gallery

Finding precious treasures is one of the most exciting parts of browsing the aisles at Eco Relics Antique Shop In Jacksonville, Florida. These amazing finds keeps us going when we head out to search out salvage. We are seeing the amazing heritage that runs deep through our community when we stumble upon rare antiques in Jacksonville and all over North East Florida.

Now that we have secured such a large variety of antiques and collectibles, we are proud to feature many types of rare and unique antiques including:

Antique Signs

You would be surprised at some of the incredible and eclectic things we come across. Antique signs have been popping up while picking and brought into the antique store by customers all over Jacksonville.

Antique Electronics

Looking for an antique radio, old timey washing machine, or other antique electronic, we have an incredible selection. You never know what you will find when you walk around Eco Relics.

Antique Lighting

When you are gutting old buildings, antique lighting is an absolute treasure to find. We love to get our hands on beautiful lights fixtures and lamps.

And a whole lot more…

We live to find the rare antiques in Jacksonville. If you are an avid antique collector, then Eco Relics will be your new favorite store to check out.

With the amount of stock that is constantly coming in, we couldn’t possibly represent them all here in this gallery. We hope you enjoy viewing it.