Reusing and Recycling Hazardous Waste in Jacksonville, FL


The folks at Eco Relics architectural salvage company want you to know!  The City of Jacksonville is now reusing and recycling its household hazardous waste! Leftover paint is applied to city buildings and distributed to non-profits, chlorine is used in city pools, and other city departments make use of any usable materials that the city collects. Fertilizer, motor oil, appliances, and more are all put to use by the city or distributed to community non-profits.

When hazardous waste ends up in the wrong place, we all pay. Jacksonville is home to seven of Florida’s 52 EPA-designated Superfund sites, where the government must step in to clean up toxins that threaten public health because negligent tenets are incapable. Toxic sites in Jacksonville include two former wood treatment facilities, two closed landfills, and two Naval Air Stations.

Residential hazardous waste is also problematic. When hazardous waste is spilled in a landfill that is not equipped to contain it, the clean-up can be costly for taxpayers. Disposing of toxic material correctly the first time ensures a healthier environment and a smaller tax bill.

Jacksonville residents can take their hazardous waste and E-waste to the city’s facility at 2675 Commonwealth Avenue, in the Woodstock neighborhood on the city’s northside. For your convenience, the city also hosts mobile collection events in different neighborhoods several times a year. Here’s a schedule of upcoming collection dates and sites:

May 17, 2015: Jacksonville Beach Public Works Department

June 13, 2015: Ed Austin Regional Park

June 27, 2015: Lonnie Miller Park

Click here for more information on Jacksonville’s hazardous waste remote collection.

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Do you know if any if this unwanted paint would be up for grabs for an art teacher wanting to do a large creative project on campus with the after school art club?

We are disposing of all the hazardous waste properly, but the paint is another subject when talking about a creative project. When we say cans of paint, most of the contents have been used or it could be crusted over. We haven’t opened any of them and they’re probably past their prime. Like I said our plan is to dispose of them properly, but what do you have in mind? Would this be for after school high school students? Something like a recycling project?

I have an idea for a concrete courtyard that leads to the art wing. It’s old, full of weeds and ugly. My hope is that the high school school art club could transform it into something colorful and inviting. Maybe paint the concrete floor with a mural.

You built some beneficial details there. Thank you for Posting

Thank you, we hope more community leaders get on the green movement!

I could watch Schdinler’s List and still be happy after reading this.