Antique Lighting Jacksonville, FL

Antique Lighting eco relics jacksonville, fl

When we first started out with the concept of Eco Relics, we expected to mainly carry salvage lumber. We do have aisles and aisles of salvage building materials.

Much more unexpectedly, however, is our collection of antique lighting, antique light bulbs, and other relics that have come along. We have been so surprised at the turn of events of bringing in so many amazing antique light fixtures in Jacksonville as well as other cool relics.

How Our Business Model is Green in Every Sense

It was our passion to build a green business model when opening Eco Relics. First of all, we purchased an old abandoned train station to do our business out of. What other type of business would have better suited the train station in Jacksonville besides a salvage building material company?

As we picked up steam by bringing in salvage lumber and other materials, we had no problem filling the shelves and aisles. We were so happy to reclaim building materials for reuse instead of allowing it to be trashed.

Then we were get surprised when the antiques started rolling in. We find some of the antique light fixtures in old buildings slated for demolition. Others come to use from the people of the Jacksonville community and surrounding areas.

Our green business model is great for our environment. Not only does it lessen our carbon footprint, but we also have a unique stock to offer our customers. Those that come into the store are pleasantly surprised with the types of items they come across.

What Kind of Antique Fixtures Have You Come Across?

Every day we bring in a wealth of new items to the store. Finding antique lighting Jacksonville has not been a difficult thing at all. In the pictures below, you can check out a few of the lamps and fixtures that we have seen come through the doors.

Lights Made From Repurposed Materials

There are two different lights in this picture. The tall lampstand has an antique metal colander as the shade. This is the perfect look for someone who is adding antiques into their home.

The red table lamp is made out of repurposed metal. Both of these make for unique antique lighting in Jacksonville.

Here is a different angle of the standing lamp with the antique metal colander.

Of course, you can see that we have a variety of relics and other items for sale here. We are constantly receiving salvage materials that can be put to good use instead of thrown into the trash.

Antique Lighting Jacksonville

Lamps are certainly easy to come by in our showroom. We have a wide selection of antique light fixtures in Jacksonville as well.

You will notice in this picture vintage lamps as well as antique lamps. Some of these treasures have glass stands and others are made from metal.

Since we are second hand store, we often do not receive lamp shades to go with the lamps. You can take a look around at the shades that we have received.

Don’t pass up on a great antique fixture because of a lack of shade. You can always buy a complimenting shade to go with the treasure you find.

Antique Light Bulbs in Jacksonville

Sometimes, we also come across antique light bulbs that are still working. Let me tell you, those are awesome items to snatch up. Often times, the lamps are brought in with the light bulb, because it still works.

You would be surprised at how these older fixtures have withstood time. We are so excited to offer the selection of salvage materials that come through our doors.

If you have any questions regarding our services or stock, please feel free to contact us so that we may help you. We are ready to work with you to find the antique lighting Jacksonville you are looking for. There is a good chance that we will have something in our showroom that catches your fancy.

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A few months ago we purchased a fixture that we had planned on installing in a 113 year old home we are restoring in Waycross. The fixture came from a home on them St. John’s river. Why the new owners did not keep it is a mystery to us. But we are glad they did not keep the beautiful fixture. Anyway the fixture did not make it to Waycross . We love it so much we installed it in our 102 year old home in St. John’s Park and enjoy it every day. But we have used many, many items from Eco Relics for the restoration of the home in Waycross such as spindles from a Blackshear house that was reportedly haunted. Also wall sconces we are going to use to restore the Waycross home. It is very important to us to restore this older home with period pieces and Eco makes this search very easy and affordable. We take note of any items with a known history to share with futures owners. Thank you, Eco Relics!!!

We would love if you could give us a google review with this same comment.
Thank you for your kind words!

Have been hunting for a shop that does custom lamps bought a blue jug from cracker barrel and wanted to have a lamp made and would like to know is it possible for your shop to do the work?

Yes, we can customize your jug into a lighting for you, I just have a couple questions and a request.

Can you send photos of the jug with the deminsions?
If we need to drill a hole(s) would that be fine?
Would this be a hanging or standing lamp?

My request is before we get started I would like for you to come and meet with Jon to discuss your idea. He’ll be the one creating you lamp.

We repurpose lamps all the time and they don’t stay on the floor long.

We’re look forward to creating a staple piece for your home and look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you!