Architectural Salvage

Eco Relics collects architectural salvage doors, antique windows, ornamental ironwork, clay and concrete bricks and pavers, electrical equipment and just about anything else that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

If you are looking for architectural salvage reclaimed and discount building materials in Jacksonville, Florida, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Eco Relics, we pride ourselves in our ability to collect salvaged doors, antique windows, garden salvage, ornamental iron work and railings, electrical equipment and other types of architectural salvage. Our showroom is constantly changing with stock as we add to the mix when we find a goldmine of usable building materials. We also have a vast acre and a half salvage yard.

In addition to giving materials a new life, salvaging and reclaiming helps lower the need for virgin resources. This is a major benefit because construction & demolition waste account for millions of tons of our solid waste stream.

Salvage Windows

Salvaged windows

We have a huge selection of salvaged metal framed windows, archway, elliptical windows and Antique and vintage sash windows, hardware and counter weights.

Salvage Ironwork

Salvaged ornamental ironwork

Our acre and a half salvage yard is overflowing with salvaged ornamental ironwork and railings from some of the areas oldest structures. Come see for yourself!

Brick & Pavers

Salvaged clay brick and pavers

Behind our 50,000 square foot warehouse is an acre and a half salvage yard busting at the seams with literally tons of clay brick, tiles and pavers. They come from various demolition sites and some of the pavers are approximately 100 years old!

Concrete Pavers

Salvaged concrete pavers

As well as clay brick and pavers, we also have tons of concrete pavers out back in our salvage yard. These are perfect for any outdoor patio project. Come see how much money we can save you on your next outdoor project!

Clay Roof Tiles

Salvaged clay roof tiles

We have a huge selection of clay roofing tiles from Italian and Brazilian tile makers, as well as concrete roofing tiles. There’s plenty enough to complete your new roofing project and give your home an awesome makeover.


New and Reclaimed Lumber

Our 50,000 square foot warehouse is stocked to the rafters with salvaged, new and reclaimed lumber. From oak to heart pine, surplus to salvage and everything in between, you’ll find it all right here.


Salvaged, reclaimed and antique electrical and lighting

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional electrical contractor, Eco Relics offers a huge and diverse selection of lighting and electrical supplies at a fraction of what you would expect to pay.


Discount building materials mouldings and trim

We’ve got aisles full of new, reclaimed and surplus trim and mouldings. All sizes and styles, clear and finger joint. We get shipment’s of surplus regularly and pass the savings on to you!

Annie and Michael Murphy
Annie and Michael Murphy

We are passionate about salvaging building supplies to keep the environment cleaner along with selling the items back to the community at a discounted price. This process allows us to meet many needs around us.

The most unique part of architectural salvage is that you find some amazing treasures hidden within older homes. Often times the salvage doors are made from beautiful materials and fashioned in a way that is no longer a style.

There are times when we find antique windows that are incredible and well maintained. The garden salvage is an amazing find as those items are easily moved and transferred to Eco Relics for resale. You can also come expecting to find great new and used tools to aid you in your next project.