Designer Collection Cabinets

Want the quality and durability of custom cabinets without the excessive cost? We do too, that’s why we carry the JSI Designer Collection of cabinets. With standard features like dovetail constructed drawer boxes and soft close hinges, you’ll be wondering why they don’t cost more!

The Dover Kitchen

Dover Kitchen

Shaker styling for pleasant sophistication.

Essex Kitchen

Dover with a twist! All 5-piece drawer heads.

Georgetown Kitchen

Upscale and stately, Georgetown delivers gleaming richness.

Kingston Kitchen

Details like applied moldings, posts and arches build layers of richness.

Sturbridge Kitchen

The humble personality of shaker styling with a contemporary look.

Trenton Kitchen

Soft ivory paint for comfort and details that lean ever so slightly modern.

Wheaton Kitchen

A glimpse of history with finely-detailed styling and charming paint and glaze finish.

Yarmouth Kitchen

Proudly traditional with soft ivory paint that reminds of sunny meadows.