eco relics jacksonville, fl

29 Apr: Guess What the Truck Brought – Another Story from the World of Architectural Salvage Jacksonville,FL

Big Red, Eco Relics’ 1937 Ford diesel truck, doesn’t make work runs anymore. These days the old girl is content promenading around the yard, accepting compliments from admirers. The Eco Relics box trucks do Big Red’s work now, and boy do they work hard. The Deconstruction Crew, led by the father and son team of Francis and Jon, stuff those…

eco relics jacksonville, fl

29 Apr: Best of the Eco Relics Blog – 2015

2015 was the first full year of business for the Eco Relics architectural salvage company, and also the first year for the Eco Relics blog. It launched with a post from back in January about our historic 1927 warehouse in Jacksonville’s Mixon Town neighborhood. Since then, plenty of posts have come and gone down the blog roll. Here’s our top…

eco relics jacksonville, fl

29 Apr: Holding on to What We’ve Got Jacksonville, FL

Preservation and Salvage in Jacksonville, Florida After 6,000 years of human habitation, only a tiny fraction of Jacksonville’s historic buildings survive. The pole and palm-thatch buildings constructed by Mocama Indians are long gone, of course. The mysterious Fort Caroline, Jacksonville’s first European settlement, has never been located. The Kingsley Plantation house, built around 1800, is probably the oldest surviving structure…