Antique and Vintage Doors and Windows

Huge selection of Antique and vintage panel doors, screen doors, french doors, dutch doors, slab doors, etc., as well as Antique and vintage sash windows, hardware and counter weights.

Antique and Vintage Doors

Vintage and antique doors are plentiful in the Eco Relics warehouse at 106 Stockton Street in Jacksonville, Florida. Stop by and check out our selection of panel doors, screen doors, french doors, dutch doors, slab doors, sliding glass doors, hollow and solid core doors, door with glass, front doors, metal doors, arched doors, and just about any other kind of door you can think of.

We also have a huge collection of Antique Egyptian Doors!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to help customers turn architectural salvage and building supplies into the unique antique piece they are looking for.

*This page has been updated and contains revisions.

Antique and Vintage Sash Windows

Need a few replacement sashes for your old house? Need a little advice on how to perform maintenance on old sash windows? Want to repurpose an old sash window into something else? We’ve got hundreds of salvaged windows worth restoring. We also have a ton of antique sash window counter weights.

Few elements of a building contribute to its architectural character than do the windows and window sashes.

We love to reuse, recycle and repurpose old items, especially ones that have so much life left in them after they have been done serving their original purpose. Need some ideas for repurposing vintage windows? Read this article about repurposing vintage windows from the blog.