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Eco Relics collects architectural salvage doors, antique windows, garden salvage, new and used tools, used electrical equipment and just about anything else that would otherwise end up in the landfill.
Annie and Michael Murphy
Owners Annie and Michael Murphy

If you are looking for architectural salvage reclaimed and discount building materials in Jacksonville, Florida, then you have come to the right place.

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Here at Eco Relics, we pride ourselves in our ability to collect salvage doors, antique windows, garden salvage, new and used tools, used electrical equipment and other types of architectural salvage. Our showroom is constantly changing with stock as we add to the mix when we find a goldmine of usable building materials.

In addition to giving materials a new life, salvaging and reclaiming helps lower the need for virgin resources. This is a major benefit because construction & demolition waste account for millions of tons of our solid waste stream. These benefits may include:

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces the construction and demolition waste stream going to already overburdened landfills
  • Saving natural resources that would otherwise be used, reducing the need for, and environmental impacts of virgin materials.
  • Saving energy by reclaiming and reusing materials.


Process for Salvaging Materials:

Eco Relics Jacksonville, fl
Process for Salvaging Materials

We are able to get our salvaged materials from different sources. When we hear of a building that is being gutted or torn down, our staff descend on the scene and evaluates what items can be salvaged.

We put a team together and carefully remove the items from their location and take them back to our warehouse so they can be prepared for sale. Other times, our salvage materials come from construction sites where there is an excessive amount of supplies and the project does not need all of the materials that have been ordered. Also, we remove and pick up salved materials from people within the community.

Architectural Salvage:

Eco Relics Jacksonville, fl
Architectural Salvage

The most unique part of architectural salvage is that you find some amazing treasures hidden within older homes. Often times the salvage doors are made from beautiful materials and fashioned in a way that is no longer a style.

There are times when we find antique windows that are incredible and well maintained. The garden salvage is an amazing find as those items are easily moved and transferred to Eco Relics for resale. You can also come expecting to find great new and used tools to aid you in your next project.

Eco Relics Guarantees:

We are Passionate About what we do.
Passionate about what we do.

We are passionate about salvaging building supplies to keep the environment cleaner along with selling the items back to the community at a discounted price. This process allows us to meet many needs around us.

We are able to build jobs, keep waste out of the landfills, and salvage unique supplies that can be re-used in other construction projects. Prior to selling these materials, we make sure that they are in good working condition and that they will last for years to come.



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