Lighting and Electrical

Our lighting department is home to a variety of shades, chandeliers, pendants, floor and desk bases, bulbs, and historic fixtures of all kinds. We also have a massive selection of electrical supplies.

Lighting and Electrical

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional electrical contractor, Eco Relics offers a huge and diverse selection of lighting and electrical supplies at a fraction of what you would expect to pay at one of the big box retail outlets.

As with all our discount building materials, our lighting and electrical supplies come from a variety of sources, from salvaged sites to reclaimed projects to surplus and overstock. Items can include:

  • Lamps and Chandeliers
  • Generators & Alternative Energy
  • Electronics
  • Extension Cords & Power Strips
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Electrical Tape, Tools & Testers
  • Switches, Dimmers & Receptacles
  • Wall Plates
  • Adapters & Timers
  • Door Chimes & Buttons
  • Electrical Boxes, Conduit & Fittings
  • Fuses & Circuit Breakers
  • Wire, Connectors & Fasteners
  • Plugs & Connectors

Let Eco Relics help you with all your lighting and electrical supplies and projects. Browse our massive selection of lighting supplies, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, electrical wire, plugs, connectors, fittings, and much more.

Find everything you need right here at Eco Relics.