LUMBER New & Reclaimed
Reclaimed lumber and salvage are perfect building materials for projects like cabinetry, flooring, furniture, architectural details, and more. From seed to sawdust, every tree product can be reused, recycled, or repurposed.

We are very conscious of the environment and our impact on the landfills. For that reason, we’re always looking for building materials and lumber that we can reclaim and manufacturers that are selling off excess stock. It is our passion to help the community in multifaceted ways. We work hard to find usable construction material that can be sold at a discounted price to the people of Jacksonville, FL. We also stock more Live Edge Slab Lumber than anyone else in town!

Where Reclaimed Building Materials Come From:

We conduct strip outs of buildings that are being renovated or torn down for demolition purposes. Our reclaimed building materials, and reclaimed flooring have been salvaged with care by our staff. It is our pleasure to recover usable supplies to resell to the public.

What are Surplus Building Materials?

Surplus building materials come from manufacturers that have a extra amounts of stock on hand. We are able to secure larger quantities of supplies from these manufacturers for resale to the public at discounted prices.

Benefits of Using Discount Building Materials:

There are many reasons to use our discount building materials. Using salvaged building materials that have been reclaimed from other construction projects is great way to help our environment. First, it keeps the waste down in landfills by using building materials that are still in good condition.

Sometimes the building materials are leftovers from the project. Other times they are removed from demolition sites that are tearing down older buildings. The types of materials that are reclaimed from buildings that are being torn down are often incredible antique materials that are no longer in circulation. Reusing these items is not only good for the environment, but can be good for your wallet as well.

Here at Eco Relics, we are the home of architectural salvage and discount building materials. That is not to be mistaken with poor quality materials, as we inspect all items to ensure they are still in usable condition. You will find a good value for your money.

Please stop by our showroom and let our qualified staff show you around.