Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Eco Relics

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, time is running out to find that perfect gift. If you have yet to find a something for Dad, Eco Relics is here to help.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Eco Relics

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, time is running out to find that perfect gift. If you have yet to find a something for Dad, Eco Relics is here to help. Below is a variety of gifts and gift ideas that are suitable for any Dad in your life.

Quick and Easy DIY Project Gifts for Dad

A gift for Dad that you made yourself is not only unique and personal but will hold immeasurable sentimental value. These easy DIY projects can come together in less than two hours, excluding any drying time for the finish. Completed versions of these projects can also be found for purchase in the store, but act quickly, because inventory is limited.

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Bead Board Frame

Custom Bead Board Frame
Custom Bead Board Frame… Easy Breezy!

These frames can easily be put together in a matter of minutes. The frame is made out of repurposed bead board, found in the tongue and groove section of the store. There is a wide assortment of colors and textures available, which give this project the potential to be truly unique. Reclaimed metal ceiling tiles make up the backing to hold your photo or artwork firmly in place. This easy DIY project can be used not only for a favorite father and child photo, but can also be combined with a child’s artwork to make this gift extra special for Dad.

Beverage Carrier

Easy DIY Custom Beverage Caddy just for Dad!
Easy DIY Custom Beverage Caddy just for Dad!

These charming beverage boxes make carrying Dad’s favorite drinks easy while he is entertaining or working outside. These can be built in about two hours, with a couple feet of materials. Use bead board for the decorative sides and your choice of hardwood for the handle and frame. A vintage bottle opener can be added to the side for extra convenience. When gifting this to Dad, fill it with a six pack of his favorite beer or glass bottled soda.

Lighted Neighborhood Sign

Lighted Sign boxes make a statement and add character to Dad’s space. Eco Relics has metal plates which contain the cut out names of the Jacksonville neighborhoods of Riverside, Avondale, and Murray Hill. These cut outs can be filled with color pigmented epoxy, then mounted in a wooden box. A hand built box for this project is a little more challenging than a beginner skill level, but can be built in a couple hours. Add a string of LED lights inside the box to bring out the colors in the epoxy. An alternative project suitable for a beginner, would be to mount the metal plates to a piece of barn wood or your favorite wood species. Regardless of which project you choose, Dad will have a beautiful sign that shows off his neighborhood pride.

Fish Fillet Board

Custom made Filet Board

If Dad is an angler, then he would love a handmade fish fillet board to clean his catch and cut boneless fish fillets. These can be made in less than a day, including drying time for the optional finish. Also, these are very easy and a perfect DIY project for the first time wood worker. Choose a hardwood board, roughly 18- 24 inches, from the large selection of lumber available at Eco Relics. Sanding, staining, and finishing are completely optional but recommended to make the gift more visually appealing. Then all that is needed is to attach a clamp that will hold the fish in place to be cut. This project can be paired with fishing gear or a new fillet knife, making a useful and beautiful gift for Dad.

Cookie Table with Hairpin Legs

completed Custom live edge Camphor cookie table top.
Custom Wood Shop Creations

Live edge cookies, or round sections of the tree, make beautiful tables that are surprisingly easy to create. Eco Relics has a large selection of cookies from a variety of wood species, as well as a selection of metal hair pin legs. A smaller sized cookie can serve as an elegant end table placed near Dad’s favorite sitting area. A larger cookie can make a statement as a focal point in the living room, office, den, or man cave. After sanding, staining, and finishing the cookie, add the metal hairpin legs. The result will be a stunning and one of a kind gift for Dad.

Other Gift Ideas for Dad

In addition to DIY project materials, Eco Relics has many other gift options to surprise Dad.

Engraved Cutting Boards

Our custom Etched Cutting Boards are a hit!
Our custom Etched Cutting Boards are a hit!

For the Dad who loves to cook, Eco Relics has a wide variety of beautiful cutting boards of various sizes and species of wood.

Custom made cutting boards
Custom made cutting boards

To make this gift even more unique, the custom wood shop can engrave it with a personal message or photo for an additional cost. However, you will need to act quickly, because text engravings will take a minimum of two days and photos take a little while longer. Dad is sure to appreciate a personalized cutting board, guaranteed to put a smile on his face every time he sees it.

Bestest Dad Ever cutting board
Bestest Dad Ever cutting board

Give Dad a “Relic”

In addition to building materials, Eco Relics has all types of unique treasures that can make great gifts for Dad. For example, a vintage trunk makes a great storage case to hold or display memorabilia. There is a large selection of vinyl records for the music enthusiast. Plenty of antiques can be found throughout the store that not only collectors will appreciate, but will also impress history buffs or just give Dad a sense of nostalgia. Other items such signs or lamps can make a great addition to Dad’s space or man cave.

Antique trunks abound at Eco Relics
Antique trunks abound at Eco Relics
Massive record collection at Eco Relics
Massive record collection at Eco Relics

Eco Relics Gift Certificates

If you are short on time and you are at a complete loss on what to get Dad, Eco Relics has gift certificates! With ultimate versatility and 50,000 sq feet of merchandise, Dad is sure to find something he needs or likes. Whether Dad is handy, collects antiques, or is just in need of some building materials, he can find what he needs at Eco Relics.

Complete a Project for Dad

This idea serves not as a gift, but also as a gesture of kindness that will free up some of Dad’s time. If there is something that Dad needs fixed or replaced around the house or if you know he has a home improvement project he just hasn’t had the time to complete, surprise him by picking up the materials he needs and then doing it for him. It can be a simple project that takes less than a couple of hours, such as replacing a broken gate or light fixture. Eco Relics has a wide array of items such as these and Dad will be happy to get something crossed off of his “To Do” list.

Spend the Day with Dad at Eco Relics

One of the best gifts is time. This Father’s Day, pick up Dad, and bring him into Eco Relics. We will be open regular Sunday business hours, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Treat him to a cold drink from the cooler and browse the store. Walk through the antiques, and play “Do you remember this?” or try to guess the use of an item. Browse the lumber selection and brainstorm potential projects to complete with him. If you are still unsure of what Dad wants, this could be the opportunity to notice something he really likes to surprise him with at the end of the day. Grab a seat in the custom wood shop, watch the custom wood shop artisans create custom projects, and possibly pick up some tips or ideas for your next project. Spending quality time with Dad is a great way to make priceless memories both of you will cherish for years to come.

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