Eco Relics June 2015 Custom Work Gallery Jacksonville, FL

eco relics jacksonville, fl

This old Philco radio was once the centerpiece of someone’s living room. Its art deco features recall the golden days of radio, when the whole family would gather around to partake in the technological miracle of FM broadcasting. The radio came to us in pieces, its vacuum tubes and speaker no longer functional. Our artists reimagined the radio as a centerpiece of a different sort, one for after the kids go to bed instead of one the kids could stay up for. The radio dial lights up and a pull-down shelf reveals its new purpose.
radio bar collageClassic lines never go out of style. Step stools are always handy around the house to reach upper cabinets in the kitchen or even to provide an extra seat when company arrives. But you won’t want to be hiding this step stool in the closet. Beautiful new decking on both steps cries out for attention!

green step stool collage

A table made from a shrimp boat hatch, a gorgeous pine mantle, finished live edge lumber, and a rustic wood and metal table are just a few of the other projects our artists have been up to lately. We are now custom fabricating in wood and metal. You dream it up, we’ll help you make it happen. Stop by the shop and speak with our skilled craftspeople about your custom project today!

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