Repurposing Vintage Windows

You can easily upcycle or repurpose Vintage Windows in many different and creative ways. Here’s a few!
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Repurposing Vintage Windows

One of the most common DIY upcycle projects is repurposing vintage windows. One reason is they are in no short supply, and the other is there are so many different creative ways to repurpose them. You can easily upcycle or repurpose them in many different and creative ways. Here’s a few!

You can use your old house’s windows, or pick up a vintage window at Eco Relics, in hundreds of creative ways. You can use them as display racks for some old mason jars with small notes or decorations or just about anything inside of them, you can place them on top of your fireplace mantle, or you can turn them into timeless photo frames that will never become old-fashioned. The Vintage Window photo frame or display is the easiest of all vintage window projects. Regardless of what project you pick out, you can easily make the best of these windows, without investing too much time or energy in them, and here are a few examples.

Repurposed Vintage Windows

Vintage Window Photo Display

As mentioned above, you can use vintage windows in countless different ways, and this is the easiest one! You can easily turn them into outstanding photo frames or displays. All you need are some basic tools and materials: the frame and glass of the window will serve as the frame of the new photo, which you can easily hang in your living room, dining room, family room, or even bedroom for extra appeal. Besides, the whole project is super cost-effective as well!

Vintage Window Table

Vintage Window Table

If you are looking for a crafty and super easy DIY project, then you can make one of these very cool and functional vintage window tables. Window tables can be adjusted in numerous different ways: by size, shape, height, etc…you can, for instance, add old pictures of your family vacations, or you can add some pictures of your friends and co-workers, or parties. The sky is the limit! You craft the table with old boxes and use salvaged legs, or spindles and corbels. It’s all up to you.

Coffee Table

Here’s another outstanding idea for coffee fans who want to repurpose their vintage window, a possibly larger version of the Vintage Window table mentioned above, as a coffee table! All you have to do is to attach the vintage window to your existing coffee table and that’s it. What makes this coffee table stand out from all the rest is the fact that you can easily place all sorts of decorations under the window, for visual appeal. You can place collectibles, memorabilia, awards, books, pictures- anything that appeals to you!

bathroom or kitchen window cabinet

People tend to focus on the aesthetic or decorative side of repurposed vintage windows, when the truth is that there is a very practical and functional side to them as well. You can easily and effortlessly use the vintage window panes to create a bathroom or a kitchen window cabinet in which you can store plates, cutlery, medicine, herbs, spices and virtually any other items in there. See just how practical your repurposed vintage windows can turn out to be!

Vintage Window Mirror

This is another super easy project to make the best use of your vinatage windows, regardless of whether the windows feature three large square panes or 12 smaller ones (usually, the older windows contain more panes), you can take out all the glass and replace it with mirrors. You can then hang your new Vintage Window Mirror across your front entry hallway, in your bedroom or even above your fireplace! Chic, stylish and practical.

Where to find Vintage Windows

If you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer and love to decorate your home with DIY crafts, then repurposing vintage windows is one great way to reuse, recycle and repurpose! Every time when you see vintage windows in the Eco Relics warehouse, think about all the wonderful projects you can do with them, don’t ignore them. You can reuse vintage windows to decorate your home in as many different creative ways as you like. Repurposing vintage windows is much easier than you think regardless if they are with or without glass. For example, a tall vintage window can be turned into a beautiful garden trellis. See more ideas on our Pinterest page.

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