The Tiny House Movement Comes To Eco Relics!

Well lit open area in this beautiful Tiny House.

The tiny house movement (also known as the “small house movement”) is a description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. The possibility of building one’s own home has fueled the movement, particularly for tiny houses on wheels. Tiny houses on wheels are often compared to RVs. However, tiny houses are built to last as long as traditional homes, use traditional building techniques and materials, and are aesthetically similar to larger homes.

Eco Relics is building a Tiny House!

We’re excited to announce the we are teaming up with the U.S. Green Building Council, Northeast Florida Chapter to begin building a Tiny House. We will begin construction on this project within the coming month. The Tiny House will be constructed using upwards of 75% salvaged and reclaimed building materials from right here in our warehouse . We will also be teaming up with A1A Solar who will be installing a solar energy unit on the house.

Why are we building a Tiny House?

Tiny houses have become more than just a passing fad, they’ve become a movement, a way of life! While downsizing to a few hundred square feet may not work for everyone, there certainly are many benefits to living in a Tiny House.

Cutting the Clutter

One of the most obvious benefits tiny homes offer is the motivation to get rid of excess.

A Tiny House with a loft or a bed over the kitchen doesn’t leave much room for your collection of college football helmets, fishing gear that you never use or that collection of porcelain baby dolls.

Simple doesn’t mean Low Quality

Although a tiny home is as simple as it gets, it’s important to note that simple does not mean low quality. Owners of tiny homes most often look at them as very real investments in their future.

Customized Options

When building a Tiny House, there are general layouts that have been proven time and time again to serve their owners well. However, it’s those little touches here and there that make each tiny house the perfect tiny home. Aside from aesthetics, there are some pretty inventive additions as well, like solar panels, ingenious space saving techniques, water use and storage, etc…


And the biggest news? We’re giving it away!

Details coming soon!

Innovative storage ideas abound in this Tiny House Interior.
Innovative storage ideas abound in this Tiny House Interior.

The initial phase of the project will begin immediately by preparing the trailer that the Tiny House will be built on. This is a crucial stage as the foundation of the structure has to be sound and readied for sub flooring and any other structural necessities. During this phase we will be conducting a search for the best Tiny House design. We will also be asking local schools and other tech associations to provide design ideas and any other input that they feel would be valuable for this type project.

As the project build progresses we will be posting regular updates to all of our Social Media outlets including a dedicated Tiny House Facebook Fan page.

Visit Our Facebook Tiny House Project page for updates!
Visit Our Facebook Tiny House Project page for updates!