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   dyal upchurch beamHi everyone, Doug (aka “Termite”) here along with Billy (aka “Woodchuck”) to tell you about what’s new in the wood/tool/and hardware sections here at Eco Relics. Leading off, a few weeks ago, we salvaged a huge load of heart pine beams from the historic Dyal-Upchurch building in downtown Jacksonville. Constructed in 1904, and is the first skyscraper built in Jacksonville after the Great Fire of 1901. These beams were the floor joists and are 3” thick, 10” wide and up to 22 ft long. We estimate this wood to be over 200 yrs old and have been cutting some of them into mantle sizes, 4 ft to 6 ft long, let us know if you need a specific size and we’ll slice one just for you. The natural patina is unbelievably gorgeous!

“In addition to making the historically significant timbers available to the public, Eco Relics craftspeople used Dyal-Upchurch’s heart pine floor joists on a number of custom projects for customers, including farm tables, mantels, counter and bar tops, and more. There is not much left of the original score, but Eco Relics is always adding to their stock of salvaged wood with waste from the renovation and deconstruction of old buildings.” EU Jacksonville

barnwoodThe 150yr old Kentucky barn wood has been selling very well, lots of tables, hanging barn doors, and headboards are now being crafted by our customers along with several wall makeovers.

Over in the Tool area, we have some new, “vintage” arrivals, and a nice selection of galvanized lag and carriage bolts showed up along with some framing and roofing nails in the Hardware aisle.

We are off to a good start with some custom orders, a cypress hanging barn door, a rustic, heart pine table, Woodchuck just completed a nice bench and sold it before we could get some photos of it, so I had him start another one!….way to go Billy !

Stop in and let us know how we can help you with your projects, remember, Wood is Good (Tastes like Chicken), until next time…

“T & WC”

billycart of wood



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The newsletter looks awesome!! Amazing!

Thank you, we’re working on it