Live Edge & Hardwoods

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Live Edge Slabs

Live edge wood slabs are unique and captivating pieces that showcase the natural, irregular edges of the wood, preserving the tree's original contours. The live edge design brings a sense of authenticity and connection to nature, making each piece one-of-a-kind. The beauty lies in the imperfections and irregularities, highlighting the wood's natural grains and textures. Commonly used for crafting tables, countertops, and shelves, live edge wood slabs contribute to a rustic and earthy aesthetic. The juxtaposition of the raw, untouched edge against a finished surface creates a visually stunning contrast. Whether incorporated into modern or traditional settings, live edge wood slabs bring a harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship, making them a sought-after choice for those seeking distinctive and visually striking elements in their decor.

Eco Relics takes pride in offering a diverse selection of live edge slabs sourced from various species, each possessing unique characteristics and visual appeal. Among our domestic varieties, we stock live edge slabs crafted from cherry, live oak, maple, sweet gum and walnut. These wood species bring a touch of local charm and timeless elegance to our collection. Additionally, our inventory extends to tropical species, featuring live edge slabs made from monkey pod, paraota, purple heart, and tamarind. These exotic woods showcase vibrant hues, distinctive grain patterns, and a rich tapestry of textures. Whether you seek the warmth of domestic varieties or the exotic allure of tropical species, Eco Relics is dedicated to providing a diverse range of live edge slabs that cater to the unique preferences and creative visions of our customers.

All of our live edge slabs have been kiln dried using our state-of-the-art IDry Vacuum Kilns and are flattened by our staff using a Wood Wizz flattener.

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Dimensional Lumber

Eco Relics is proud to offer an extensive array of both domestic and exotic hardwoods, catering to diverse preferences and design inspirations. Among our domestic selection, you'll find premium choices such as ash, birch, cherry, maple, walnut, and red cedar, each possessing its own distinctive grain patterns and color variations. For those seeking the allure of exotic hardwoods, our inventory includes exquisite options like cumaru, jatoba, sapele, and zebrawood, known for their rich hues and unique textures.

Whether you're envisioning a project with the warmth of domestic varieties or the exotic charm of tropical hardwoods, Eco Relics provides a comprehensive selection to bring your creative visions to life.